ACCEPTED Fulltime Employment Application - Jason Dyme - Aug 30, 2020

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Jason Dyme

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Firefighter I

Fulltime Firefighter Application

Section I • Personal Information
1.1 Surname: Dyme

1.2 Forename: Jason

1.3 Date of Birth: Jun 25, 1991

1.4 Home Address: 2 Nikola Avenue

1.5 Phone Number: 156-771-0249

1.6 Copy of your driver's license: Driver's License

Section II • Criminal History
2.1 Do you agree to a criminal background check?: Yes

2.2 Do you have any crimes you'd like to inform us of before hand?: No.

2.3 Have you been cited for a traffic violation within the past month?: No.

Section III • Motivational Information
3.1 Why are you applying for the Los Santos County Fire Department?: I am applying because I want to help the citizens of Los Santos in a way that I have always done. I have been in the Emergency Service line of work for at least 5 years, and come from a family of Firefighters, Police Officers, Dispatchers, and even a few EMS members.. I have grown up around helping others and have always made it my goal to follow in those footsteps, which I can safely say I have done so. I wish to continue doing what I love.

3.2 Why do you think you are fit to hold a position in the department?: I've been in this line of work before. My father was Assistant Chief of the Dexin Fire Department back where I'm from. I took both Fire I and II under his command, and worked at the fire department for 4 years before moving to Los Santos. I'm certified in BLS, CPR, IC, Hazmat - Operations, and of course the Fire I and II courses.

3.3 What makes you different from the other applicants to our agency?: Experience. I have 4 years on the fire department at home. I have been able to participate in many building fires, car accidents, tragedies, fatal incidences, and more. I have knowledge as well, as I finished #2 in my Fire I and II courses with a 97% passing grade on the 250 question state fire test for Michigan. I've run command on calls, I have proper radio etiquette, and I strive to motivate my colleagues around me. Case in point, I would be very valuable to have on the team. ((On an OOC note, I have the IRL experience to back this all up. 6 years and counting.))

Section IV • Declarative Statement
By submitting this application and signing this application, I, the applicant, agree that all answers contained in this document were truthful to the best of my knowledge and that the Department reserves the right to investigate any information given in this application. I am aware that any information found to be plagiarized, or incorrect may result in instant denial and indefinite ban from applying.
I acknowledge that if successful, I must participate in training courses specified by the Department before putting medical knowledge into practice and that I may only exercise any medical techniques and knowledge that were taught in participated courses.

Do you agree to the Terms & Conditions?: Yes

Signature: Jason Dyme

Date of Today: Aug 30, 2020

(( Section V • Out of Character ))
5.1 Owl Account Username: Mutt377

5.2 Main Forum Profile: Access

5.3 Your Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

5.4 Screenshot of your admin history: Account History


Jake Finnigan


Jason Dyme
2 Nikola Avenue
Los Santos, San Andreas
United States

Dear @Jason Dyme

This letter serves to notify you of a conditional offer of employment upon completion of the LSCFD Academy.

Please get back to us if you would like to accept this offer. If so, you will be sent further documentation in regards to your Academy.
(( You will have forum groups set and will receive an invite to the F3 menu in-game, and also be invited to the faction's Discord server. ))

Warm regards,
Captain Jake Finnigan
On behalf of the Human Resources Team
Los Santos County Fire Department.
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