Fulltime Employment Application - Keira Lance - Jan 15, 2021

Keira Lance

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Firefighter I

Fulltime Firefighter Application

Section I • Personal Information
1.1 Surname: Lance

1.2 Forename: Keira

1.3 Date of Birth: May 19, 1997

1.4 Home Address: Apartment 10, Del Perro Plaza A, Bay City & Cougar Avenue, 1323, Los Santos, San Andreas

1.5 Phone Number: 1607649189

1.6 Copy of your driver's license: ACCESS

Section II • Criminal History
2.1 Do you agree to a criminal background check?: Yes

2.2 Do you have any crimes you'd like to inform us of before hand?: No.

2.3 Have you been cited for a traffic violation within the past month?: No.

Section III • Motivational Information
3.1 Why are you applying for the Los Santos County Fire Department?: I am applying for the Los Santos County Fire Department because I want to help make a positive change in both people's lives and within the community as a whole. I believe that by combining my existing knowledge of basic life support procedures, my strong will to learn and grow and my passion for aiding and listening to others, that working alongside the LSCFD would be the perfect career and family to settle in to.

3.2 Why do you think you are fit to hold a position in the department?: Over the course of the last few months, I have been working hard to help prepare myself for applying to the department. Whilst without a qualification, I've spent a solid amount of time researching basic fire safety. When I was back in New York, I also took the time to refresh my first aid certificate to ascertain my skills and knowledge.

I also believe that, through both my personal life and previous employment, I have developed a lot of core skills that I feel somebody working with the LSCFD should have. These include active listening, team work, flexibility and adaptability, patience and general people slash communication skills. I have learnt to have a strong sense of compassion with people yet still remain unbias when and where the situation may call for it.

3.3 What makes you different from the other applicants to our agency?: I believe that what helps me to stand out amongst other applicants is both my experience and passion to excel and learn as much as I can in various fields. I've managed to develop a strong sense of patience and understanding with people whilst being able to simultaneously realize when a situation requires urgency. I have also been taking time to help develop myself physically in aspects that Firefighters may need most, such as being able to lift copious amounts of weight and general agility. (( OOC'ly, I have roughly 5 years of medical roleplay experience on GTA, mostly SAMP. I also have basic first aid training IRL. ))

Section IV • Declarative Statement
By submitting this application and signing this application, I, the applicant, agree that all answers contained in this document were truthful to the best of my knowledge and that the Department reserves the right to investigate any information given in this application. I am aware that any information found to be plagiarized, or incorrect may result in instant denial and indefinite ban from applying.
I acknowledge that if successful, I must participate in training courses specified by the Department before putting medical knowledge into practice and that I may only exercise any medical techniques and knowledge that were taught in participated courses.

Do you agree to the Terms & Conditions?: Yes


Date of Today: Jan 15, 2021

(( Section V • Out of Character ))
5.1 Owl Account Username: Misuzu

5.2 Main Forum Profile: ACCESS

5.3 Your Timezone: GMT+0

5.4 Screenshot of your admin history: ACCESS


Alexis DeLuca

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Firefighter IV

Keira Lance
Apartment 10, Del Perro Plaza A, Bay City & Cougar Avenue, 1323, Los Santos, San Andreas
Los Santos, San Andreas
United States

Dear Keira Lance

This letter serves to notify you that your application for employment has been accepted. You are invited to attend an interview with a member of our Human Resources Team.

The meeting will be taking place at our station in Davis, Sunday the 31th January 2021 at 8 PM.

Please dress appropriately, and bring copies of your identification and driver's license.

Thank you for your interest to join the Los Santos County Fire Department. Best of luck.

Warm regards,
Alexis DeLuca
On behalf of the Human Resources Team
Los Santos County Fire Department.
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